Billy Blue


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We all love our big games with lots of "crunch" but sometimes it's nice to have something quick and easy on game night. Well, grab your dice and friends, this is the game for people who want fast, brutal, flexible gaming. With a nod to OSR style play and a respect for Old School gaming, TLD RPG is designed to get to the action quickly by eliminating the fluff.

TLD RPG uses a straightforward system that is customizable and easy to pick up quickly. Character creation is quick thanks to the lean rules and included character sheet. All that is needed is friends and a few six-sided dice.

Accompanied by dark and chilling original artwork from artist/creator Billy Blue, TLD RPG sets the tone for adventures filled with deadly encounters against fearsome and horrific foes. This is a true no-prep experience, with an included one-shot dungeon crawl adventure, Happy Birthday Goblin King, to get you started.

You don't have time to waste on game night, and TLD RPG knows it!

100 page, A5, full color, hardcover