Meromorph Games

Atma Bundle

Get Atma Act I and Atma Act II together for a special price!

A Card-Based Sci-Fantasy RPG Experience

Welcome to a world near our own. The volcanic mineral atma empowers the living and entwines the dying, while artificial intelligence and alien titans join humanity in this daunting new century. Yet in the Restless Zones, beyond society and law, trouble lurks. Gather your fellow adventurers and prepare to test yourself against the world’s most dangerous frontiers. The sky’s getting darker…

Atma is a complete roleplaying game system in a tiny package. It's portable, quick to set up and teach, and plays in just 2 hours — perfect for game nights or pop-up sessions! A Game Master and 1-4 players use illustrated tarot cards to fuel RPG gameplay focused on creativity and quick thinking. Atma excels as a tutorial for first-time GMs who've always wanted to run an RPG, while allowing limitless creativity for roleplaying pros. 

What Makes Atma Unique

Fast - Many roleplaying games take days to learn, weeks to prepare, and months to play. Atma is fast to learn, to teach, and to finish. Sneak a full RPG into your weekly game night rotation, or use it to run pop-up sessions with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Colorful - RPGs embrace creativity and imagination, and Atma is no different — but with hundreds of beautifully illustrated cards, you can quickly set the stage, visualize characters, and get to the gameplay. And every card is packed with surprises, suggestions, and unusual uses. There are no “combat only” cards here.

Welcoming - RPGs can be intimidating, especially for new players asked to be creative under a time limit. Atma’s takes the pressure off until players get comfortable. Best of all, Atma makes the hardest job in roleplaying — the Game Master — fast and easy. If you’ve always wanted to GM but never felt brave enough, Atma is a fantastic introduction to this rewarding role.

Ages 13+