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Necronautilus Stellar Remnants Bundle

Get the Stellar Remnants 1 expansion zine FREE with the Necronautilus core book in this Tabletop Bookshelf exclusive bundle!

Necronautilus is a tabletop roleplaying game for a Gamemaster and 1+ players. In it, players act as souls bound to clouds of noxious gas called Death Agents, exploring a universe outside of time consisting of planets full of creatures who ended up there when they died. While using their Words of Power to act on behalf of the blind god Death and maintain order in a post-death galaxy, they’ll see their powers grow and splinter while exploring the corporeal life they left behind.


  • Clean Simple Rules - a unique 2d6-roll-under system that is quick and easy to understand and implement. Use the subjectivity of language and memory to your advantage.
  • Emergent Storytelling - Discover your character as you play. Creation and setup are lightning quick.
  • Galactic Exploration - Planets are defined by groups as you go allowing the setting to shift to your liking. Pre-made planets bring the stoner-metal-inspired post-Life universe to your table with no prep.
  • Death - Work as an Agent of the blind god Death accomplishing missions and enacting their will across the universe while weighing your duty against your emerging self-identity.

The book is a half-letter sized 80 page hardcover with black & white artful interior. Logo on cover features metallic silver foil. First edition printing of 1500.

80 page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch, black & white, foil-stamped hardcover book

Stellar Remnants Expansion Zine

Stellar Remnants is a companion zine containing new exciting ways to engage with the world of Necronautilus such as pre-made planets, campaign and session structure, and other musings and reinterpretations of how to interact with the game and the galaxy.

It does not contain the core rules, this is a supplement!

Contributors to Stellar Remnants include

  • Adira Slattery (No Love's Land, The Machine [co-author])
  • Will Jobst (Black Mass, A Guide To Casting Phantoms In The Revolution)
  • Jamila R. Nedjadi (BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home, Once More Into The Void)
  • Viditya Voletti (Space Goblins!, Space Between Stars)
  • Aaron King (Patchwork World 6e)
  • Maria Mison (Arch Angel Dating Simulator, 101 Games for Survival)

36 page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch, black & white, saddle-bound zine