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Planegea 5E: The Star-Shaman's Song of Planegea

Planegea is the primordial fantasy campaign setting for 5th Edition, where a dungeon means the curse-painted caves of a cannibal clan. Gone are the safe hearths of taverns and libraries, kingdoms and cathedrals. Planegea is a place of utter wildness, where survival is the only law and it must be carved from the world by force of might and magic.

Slay monstrous creatures, navigate clan intrigues, explore ancient ruins, craft enchanted weapons, infiltrate evil cults, battle, build, cast, carouse... everything you love in 5th Edition in a Stone Age World.

New features for player characters, including new sub-classes, new kinships, new spells, new adventuring gear, and new magic items. A massive, high-quality, full-color hardcover book with over 350 pages of prehistoric goodness!

382 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, full color, case-bound hardcover w/ foldable map