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The Gauntlet

Trophy Dark

Trophy Dark

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Trophy Dark is a dark fantasy horror game about doomed treasure-hunters seeking their fortune in a haunted forest; what they do not know is that the forest will make a trophy of them. As they get closer and closer to the heart of the forest, it does everything it can to tear them apart, drive them mad, and—if they’re lucky—kill them. Trophy Dark is perfect for standalone games and conventions.

The game is organized into incursions: themed stories played over one or two sessions, making Trophy Dark ideal as a one-shot, a convention game, or a side story in a longer campaign. Incursions have 5 Rings, with each Ring representing an escalation in the horror and danger the treasure-hunters face. The progression through the Rings is linear, but within that linear structure are many opportunities to make the story your own and unveil plot twists no one saw coming.

Trophy Dark includes 22 incursions, as well as instructions for creating new incursions. The Incursions included in the book are:

  •  The Tomb of 10,000 Dreams, an incursion into the dark heart of the ancient Kalduhr forest.
  •  Witchwood, an incursion on a road paved in gold.
  •  To Make My Bread, an incursion into the ruins of a titanic mill.
  •  Mother, an incursion about trying to go home.
  •  Shifting Sands, an incursion lost to time.
  •  The Flocculent Cathedral, a moss-covered incursion to the hidden home of your patron saint.
  •  Throne of the Forest Queen, a fairy tale-inspired incursion without a happily-ever-after.
  •  The Forest of Blades, an incursion in which the dead still march on an ancient battlefield.
  •  Rosenwald, a curiouser and curiouser adventure into the many-thorned home of roses.
  •  That Silent Howl, a terrifying nautical incursion where no one can hear you scream.
  •  Regicide, an incursion during the first chaotic hours of revolution.
  •  The Giant’s Carcass, an incursion in search of eternity.
  •  The Pit, an incursion where light don’t shine and hate calls home.
  •  Gift of the Sea, an incursion of ancient rites and secrets kept beneath the waves.
  •  The Spiral, a space-bending incursion inside the dragon.

Kickstarted in 2020

190 page, 6.5 x 9.5 inch, full color, section sewn hardcover with bookmark ribbon

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