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Waffles for Esther

Waffles for Esther

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Are you ready for a coffee caper?  A sherbet soirée?  Do you want to tango with a small-town troubled by treacherous tea times?  Don’t waffle on your decisions, the order is getting cold, and so is the case. Your shift has just started You are a waitress trying to deliver a hot plate of freshly made waffles to your favorite regular: Esther. These are her everyday waffles she gets with her everyday order:  * A coffee - one sugar, a splash of milk * Waffles with two strawberries, sliced, with apple jam syrup on the side * Later she’ll get a plate of hash browns, extra ketchup to finish it all up But as you return with Esther’s waffles, she is nowhere to be found.

12-page saddle bound A5 landscape zine

This purchase includes a PDF digital version package

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