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Kobolds Ate My Baby - The Orange Book

Includes a FREE Kobolds Ate My Baby! coloring book!

Being cannon fodder has never been this much fun!

The cult-classic, crowd-pleasing, hysterical RPG of Kobolds behaving badly is back! This new version is faster, easier, and deadlier than ever before! In KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! you are a KOBOLD! For kobolds in the service of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) their life will undoubtedly be silly, brutal, and short. 

They may be crushed by cows falling from the sky. They may be obliterated by meteorites, betrayed by friends, or brained by frying pans. They may cheerily march to their death upon the beaks of chickens or from the tentacles of eldritch magicks. If they are really lucky, they may survive long enough to bring back a tasty treat to the Kobold Caves and avoid becoming lunch themselves.

Kobolds are bad at everything they do, except for cooking. This is quite ironic since they are marvelous when cooked (especially when served with a nice dipping sauce). Kobolds are silly, chaotic, and short - much like their lives - and no one really likes them very much (especially not Vor, the Big Red Angry God).

152 page, 6 x 9 inch, full color, perfect bound softcover book

Includes a FREE Kobolds Ate My Baby! coloring book

Ages 11+