Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tabletop Bookshelf? 

We are an e-commerce first, multi-channel retailer specializing in tabletop roleplaying games. We work to expand and enrich the TTRPG space by finding and backing great projects, sharing that work with as wide an audience as possible, and getting physical works into peoples' hands and onto gaming tables everywhere.

How do you get your books?

Most of our titles come directly from independent creator-publishers or distributors who work with them. Some of our inventory comes from Kickstarter, BackerKit or Crowdfundr campaigns. Finally, we have collection of remaindered books in our Second Chance collection that come from a bargain book distributor.

Do you have a physical location?

We plan on eventually creating a unique brick & mortar destination, but for now, you can only find us online at our site or any major social media channel. And keep an eye out for us at conventions!

Who runs Tabletop Bookshelf?

For now, this is a solo project 

Then why do you keep saying "we"?

Have you not heard of "the royal we?"

In seriousness, one day I expect it won't be a solo project, and it would be a major pain in the butt to change everything later.

Are you a book store or game store?

Both! At the same time! One of the unique features of tabletop roleplaying games is the "game" part is an emergent experience of collaborative storytelling or problem solving, built on the rules and fictions within a book or set of books. Minis, dice, cards, maps, and character sheets are aids in building this shared experience.

How can you afford to offer free shipping?

Because we are a bookstore, we have the unique advantage of using USPS Media Mail for most of our economy shipments. In addition, Shopify often provides discounts on packages that do not qualify for Media Mail, and we pass that savings along to our customers.

How did my shipment get here so quick?

Because we are based in Milwaukee, shipments in the Midwest regularly beat Shopify's estimates. Here is the closest map I can find to that matches our average delivery times: 

Outside of shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, the pacific northwest and parts of California can take the longest, but often those still arrive within a week.

What is your shipping / refund / privacy policy?

Scroll to the bottom of the page, there be links.

Do you carry Dungeons & Dragons products?

No, but we do carry 5e compatible products. While we primarily support less mainstream systems and indie titles, we still hold the original roleplaying game in high regard and see it as a pathway for many people into the broader world of TTRPGs. 

What about Call of Cthulu / Vampire the Masquerade / Pathfinder?

For now we are best suited supporting independent and smaller publishers who need extra retail support. Major publishers like Chaosium and Paizo have their own established retail and marketing operations.

Can I have my title listed at Tabletop Bookshelf

Maybe! Fill out this form.

Will you do titles on consignment?

No, this option doesn't work for our business model.

Do you offer wholesale?

No, we are strictly direct to consumer.

Where can I play these game?

You might want to checkout StartPlaying, there's a decent GM over there.

Otherwise, I recommend searching for a Discord related to the game. There's oftentimes channels dedicated to finding gaming groups.