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Wyrmlings RPG Activity Pack

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This Activity Pack includes a 176 page hardcover book, 32 page coloring book, and sticker sheet!

An All-Ages RPG

In the great green vale of Dragonsdale, we're gonna tell a wyrmling tale - the tale of the Wyrmling Brigade!

Tell your own stories with Wyrmlings: a cute, wholesome, all-ages TTRPG about young dragons going on adventures and overcoming challenges with friends. Designed to capture the feeling of cartoons like Steven Universe and My Little Pony, the adventures you go on will vary from facing down an evil wizard to simply trying to find the best birthday present for a friend. It's all up to you and the stories you want to tell!

With emerging complexity built into the system, the game is perfect for everyone from long-time roleplayers to newcomers. Its narrative focus makes it excellent for episodic series and one-shots alike, and a pair of intro adventures will get you playing in minutes.

The book includes...

  • An all-ages system with emerging complexity and an emphasis on friendship and teamwork
  • Dozens of adorable illustrations
  • 15 adventures, including two tutorial style adventures you can use to learn the rules - just open the book and jump right in!
  • Suggestions for randomly generating fully improvised sessions for last-minute play opportunities
  • Basic and Advanced rules, which allow your group to choose the level of complexity that makes the most sense for your players
  • Rules that emphasize improvisation and role-play without a lot of preparation from the GM
  • A chapter containing places and people you can use to start fleshing out your own version of the Dragonsdale setting
  • Form-fillable colored and simplified/printer-friendly character sheets

What People Are Saying

A very fun, easy to learn, and cute system that both my kid and I had fun with. I highly recommend checking it out! - Steph C. of TTRPGkids

Perfectly captures the idea of a playable Saturday Morning Cartoon - Godzillawolf (Kickstarter Backer)

A tabletop RPG that might be just the key to get your friends and family into role-playing games - Mike of Games Played Badly

Hardcover Book: 176 page, 6 x 8.5 inch, full color, hardcover book, plastic-wrapped

Coloring Book: 32 page, 6 x 8.5 inch, line art, saddle-bound softcover book

Sticker Sheet: 4 x 6 inch sheet w/ 15 stickers

Purchase includes free digital versions of the hardcover and coloring book via Shopify Downloads

Ages 5+ w/ an adult helper