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Shield Maidens Gamemaster's Guide

Get the Shield Maidens Training (Players) Guide and Gamemaster's Guide together for a reduced price!

Shield Maidens, your time has come!

Odin slumbers in the sunken halls of Asgard, and the Pure are stirring in their burnished realm as Fenrir’s grip grows ever tighter.

Delve into the histories of realms of gods and mortals, using the knowledge to right the wrongs of the universe, topple empires and slay manipulative gods. Learn the true capabilities of the Guardian Shield,

Be aware, sisters, that the creatures of Yggdrasil are watching, and they have no love for humanity. Detailed within the Gamemaster’s Guide, the Norns pluck the strings of fate, dragons roost amongst broken stars and the Jötunn yearn for battle. Only those willing to stand against tyranny will live on in the sagas…

This book includes:

  • Deep Lore on the history of the cosmos, including the rise of the gods, creation of mortal species and the beginning of Ragnarök.
  • New Rules covering helping a fellow Shield Maiden, working under time constraints, hacking, chase sequences, linguistics and animal kinship.
  • Adventure Design advice for Gamemasters, and how to build missions for the sisterhood from the ground up.
  • Locations, seeds and histories of the nine realms and the Bifrost, including landmarks, cultures and new gods.

Foes of all realms, including art, combat skills and preferred locations.