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Badger + Coyote and their daring adventures

A two player game for a lazy Sunday afternoon

Badger and Coyote are the unlikeliest of friends on a quest to help the other forest creatures in this two player GM-less tabletop roleplaying game.

These tales tell heartwarming (and often dangerous!) stories of teamwork and overcoming challenges together.

Journey together as Badger and Coyote through 44 daring adventures through the woodlands and beyond!

  • Work with beavers to restore a dried up stream and save the locals.
  • Help a family of raccoons trapped high up a mysterious, magical tree
  • Contain a raging forest fire and evacuate the animals to safety
  • Outwit poachers setting traps to capture endangered creatures.
  • Negotiate with a clan of mountain goats for access to a mountain spring.
  • Break the spell that is afflicting the Otters.

Multiple Play Styles and Story Twists to customize your game

Two styles of are play available: Discovering a Story, and Sharing a Story, depending on how the two players want to interact with the story themselves.

Discover a Story play method allows one player to take on more of a GM role and guide the story, while Share a Story has the players work together with all the twists and turns.

Full of Roleplaying Tips for Badgers and Coyotes

Both helpful for roleplaying and chock-full of real facts about badgers and coyotes and two cardstock character cards of Badger and Coyote!


  • 38 page, 6 x 8.25 inch, full color, perfect bound book
  • 2 color cardstock character cards of Badger and Coyote
  • Digital package with high-quality PDFs of the book and character sheets

Ages 7+ (w/ an adult helper)