Gavriel Quiroga

Neurocity - Colorblind Edition

Tech-Noir Storytelling

Crushed under the unbearable weight of the system lies you; A citizen in this technological nightmare. Will you yield your personality and obey? Or perhaps you will dare to find the truth about this forsaken place you were born into? 

Neurocity is a subterranean city complex crowned by a glitched digital sun ruled by an ever watchful supercomputer named I.S.A.C. A closed society on the brink of collapse suffering an involution from digital to analog technology due to the scarcity of materials and constant recycling of components.

Featuring a tailor-made system with emphasis on storytelling and game mechanics that deal with stress and how it affects personality.

Each character:

  • Has a chance to become a TRANCER. Citizens that spontaneously manifest psychic abilities and are heavily persecuted by the authorities! 
  • Can be of 6 different Functions in the dystopian society of Neurocity: ENFORCER, TECHRUNNER, CARDINAL, MONITOR, SENTINEL and VECTOR!
Lots of customisations to fit each Directors taste, ensuring high replay value. This game is suitable for one shots or campaigns.
  • 6 different super computer personality archetypes to choose from! From the cryptically silent Cinematique to the manipulative Doppelganger! 
  • A Director's only chapter will provide several different dark origins and mind bending reasons behind the origins of Neurocity.
  • A wide array of tables and resources. From character backgrounds and random events to plot hooks and live civic loyalty tests!
  • You can create your own character or choose one of the five different fully pregenerated characters!
  • Fully illustrated with black and white noir artwork!

The Colorblind Edition has more art and more content packaged in a polished hardcover art book.

105 page, 8.5 x 8.5 inch, full color, smyth-sewen hardcover book w/ bookmark ribbon, shrink-wrapped