Soul Muppet Publishing

Orbital Blues - A Space Western RPG

This is the rock and roll future of yesteryear that never was — and nobody wanted.
It is an intergalactic age of cowboys, outlaws and bandits playing on an interstellar stage. It is a time of hyper-capitalism and a cut-throat gig economy. Unreliable trash-heaps carry scrappy underdogs to their next gig, and corporation freighters lumber across the horizon laden with an empire’s bounty.

These are the music-fueled, moon-age daydreams of a rebel space age.

These are your Orbital Blues

A roleplaying love-letter to off-beat sci-fi, vintage music, and cooperative old-school styled roleplay, Orbital Blues allows you to play out rules-light tabletop adventures in the style of your favorite space westerns.

Stepping into the shoes of Interstellar Outlaws, players band together to form Crews, and navigate a hard-going, gig-economy living on the fringes of a space-faring society.
Developed on the critically acclaimed rules-lite system of Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues uses a simple D6 based system with 3 basic stats - MUSCLE, GRIT, and SAVVY - to handle rolls and uncertainty - putting the narrative and relationships of the player characters at the heart of play without the baggage of hefty mechanics, classes or roles.

Orbital Blues is a lo-fi space western roleplaying game from SoulMuppet Publishing, written by Sam Sleney & Zachary Cox and illustrated by Josh Clark. Art by Joshua Clark. Layout and Cartography by Lone Archivist.

Kickstarted in 2023

208 page, 6 x 9 inch, full color, hardcover book w/ 2 bookmark ribbons