Bloat Games


What if Luke never left Tatooine?

Scorched is an apocalyptic science fiction roleplaying game in a familiar setting with new twists. Star Wars-inspired with a side of Mad Max thrown in for good measure. And did we mention, it has Power Armors?

The game includes all the core rules needed for play and character creation, along with a full setting guide, monsters, villains, bestiary, adventure seeds, equipment, random tables, index, appendixes, and more. Scorched is a full stand-alone game but is fully compatible with SURVIVE THIS!! The Blackest Space.

Scorched utilizes the SURVIVE THIS!! system created by Eric Bloat using the Open Gaming License. If you have played any version of the world's most popular fantasy RPG, you can play SURVIVE THIS!! and know exactly what is going on right away. If you have no experience with those games, SURVIVE THIS!! is approachable and has about the same learning curve as any traditional tabletop RPG.

276 page, 6 x 9 inch, black & white, perfect-bound softcover