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Tomorrow on Revelation III

Tomorrow on Revelation III is a roleplaying game about surviving and overcoming capitalism in a future among the stars. Four hundred years from now, aerospace corporations have traversed the galaxy, colonizing this solar system and ones beyond, and constructed space stations to create robust sites of manufacturing, mining, and other industrial activities. You live on the heavily stratified agricultural station Revelation III, where the deck you’re born on determines your profession, privileges, and possibilities. But beyond the monotonous work of daily life, you make time for other work: work towards a better existence.

You are on the precipice of making major changes to the station, but reform is a complex process. You work as a group to improve and transform your conditions by creating meaning beyond productivity, balancing community betterment and social imagination with individual survival and persistence. 

In Tomorrow on Revelation III, you play to create the future your characters dream of. You play until Revelation III is a station you would want to live on.


Tomorrow on Revelation III uses an original game system with 3 stats and simple rolls that require only a d10. Characters are customizable using 12 backgrounds, which determine which deck of the station they’re from, as well as guiding their base stats and determining their traits. Backgrounds include Agriculture Worker, Administrator, Freight Worker, and more. The text includes 14 additional traits, as well as guidance on creating your own.

Character creation is collaborative: the party works together to answer their background questions, which provide backstory for each character, and relational questions, which indicate how the characters came to be a team. As players work to improve life on the station throughout the downtime phase and mission phase, they also collaborate to create and portray NPCs. The text includes a number of NPCs, and some tips for creating your own!

Tomorrow on Revelation III also includes:

🚀 Advice on ensuring safe and comfortable gameplay for everyone at the table.
🚀 A GM Guide with tips for running the game.
🚀4 ready-to-play mission modules addressing a plethora of issues aboard the station.
🚀5 pre-generated characters equipped with backgrounds, traits, and stats.

112 page, 6 x 8.25 inch, black white & blue, perfect-bound softcover book