Almost Bedtime Theater

The Librarian's Apprentice

A Solo Journaling Game in an Infinite Library

Infinite, ever-shifting, and sometimes dangerous, the Library exists in the space between worlds and times. Among the many who call it home are the Librarians, and only those who truly understand it may join their ranks. You seek to do so.

The path of a Librarian’s apprentice is a long one. Your current task is designed to test your skills at traversing the Library and finding information. Retrieve the six documents requested by your Librarian before the day is out and you will have completed one more step on your journey.

Good luck.

Check out an actual play on our YouTube channel!

Includes three double-sided trifold brochures of rules and character prompts, character sheet bookmarks, a library card for the Great Library, and instructions for a free digital copy of the game and bonus material, all contained in a gloss cardstock case

Ages 9+ (w/ an adult guide)