Grotten - 1 Bit Deeper

Grotten is a minimalist dungeon crawler using physical tiles to generate and explore a dungeon, where you roll on random tables to fill the rooms with monsters, traps, loot, NPCs - and a final epic boss fight. The zine contains one-page rules and character creation, cut-out dungeon tiles and tokens, and lots and lots of random tables.

Grotten is perfect for both solo play, co-op, with or without a GM, as a quick and easy stand-alone game or to use as a dungeon in any fantasy system you are playing. 

Grotten uses regular roleplaying dice. The characters are built with only 4 stats. A d20 is used to resolve tasks and combat, where you aim to roll higher than the difficulty rating, and the stats give modifiers to your rolls. There's also a simple level-up system that makes your character better, each time you defeat a boss.

There is really no prep needed, just plug and play. This means it is super quick and easy to get playing, even at a pub or a at party, where concentration and commitment might not be of the highest level.

20 page, 6 x 6 inch, black & white, saddle-bound zine

tile & token sheets, 350g matt-finished paper