Making a Tabletop RPG for Your Particular Kid

A guide for families, friends and facilitators

Whether looking for help with home games, youth groups, classrooms, or self-publication projects, Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid is here to help!

Condensing the XP from over 400 articles on the ENnie-awarded TTRPGkids resource into a zine-style book, this guide walks you through creating a TTRPG that specifically focuses on your young player’s interests and needs.

The methods here can be used to create unique settings, characters, mechanics, and more or to adjust an existing game while also explaining how to involve your players throughout the planning process, establish a safe game environment, and handle situations like what to do if your kid decides to go “villain mode”.

This book also includes art for each chapter and excerpts from leaders in the youth TTRPG space who provide different views from their areas of expertise to give a well-rounded knowledge base to start off on your next adventure.

There’s much more to discover too! Start your journey today with this as your guide to a new world of gaming with your kid!

56 page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch, black & white, saddle-bound softcover book

Ages 5+ (w/ an adult helper)