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Discover Your Story

Nov 20, 2023

Hello, TTRPG World!

Welcome to Tabletop Bookshelf, an online store dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games, focusing on unique and diverse titles beyond mainstream optionsWe provide a platform for creators to share their work and for enthusiasts to discover and acquire new TTRPG experiences.

We love the tabletop roleplaying hobby, and we want to see it flourish. One way to do this is to promote games beyond the mainstream systems and genres, to help grow the audience of players, no matter what sort of story they want to tell, character they want to play, or world they want to explore.

And we want to support the designers and creators who share in this mission of diversifying and expanding the hobby. So you won't find any big publishers here. We carry niche titles from smaller publisher and distributors and as many crowdfunded projects as we can back. If you missed out on a Kickstarted title, this will be the place to find it.

We also give regular inside looks into every product on the site, interviews with creators, play reports, and actual play sessions, distributed through our media channels. We also plan to be a proud supporter of the convention community in the seasons to come. We look forward to seeing you there and rolling some dice together.

Finally, everyone likes a deal, and at Tabletop Bookshelf we use technology to ensure our customers get the best deal online or anywhere (seriously). We do this by offering free shipping, always and forever, and by providing regular promotions and specials for our community.

So join us on this adventure! Discover new worlds and write your story, whatever that story may be.

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