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TTRPG Flip Through: Pandion Solo & Duet Games

I was excited to flip through and discussed the wonderful Pandion journaling games, currently available in a discounted bundle.

These are a great way to spend a quiet night alone away from the screen, at least for a bit!

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Transcript summary:

Hey, fellow tabletop lovers! Today, I've got something special for you – a peek into a bunch of solo and duet games from Pandion Games. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just testing the waters, these journaling games promise a one-of-a-kind adventure. So, buckle up and let's flip through these pages together, unraveling mysteries and embracing the creativity that's waiting for us.

  1. Waffles for Esther: A Small-Town Mystery Alright, first on our radar is "Waffles for Esther," a solo game that throws you into a quirky small-town mystery. Picture this: you're a waiter or waitress, and one day, your regular disappears. What follows is a cool mix of journaling and deduction, spiced up with polyhedral dice and skill challenges. Move through different locations, snag clues like a grow room or a torn photo, and cook up your own conclusion. The dice and skill system keep things spicy, making every playthrough a unique dish.

  2. The Jester King's Dance: Hell of a Story Now, let's dance our way into "The Jester King's Dance," a game dripping with theme set in the depths of hell. Your role? Document the Jester King's mysterious dance before demons. Drawing inspiration from classic mods like Asmodius and Lilith, this game adds a dash of polyhedral dice tension as your skills dwindle. Explore themes like deception and betrayal, creating a narrative cocktail that's equal parts classic and modern. Trust me; this one's a page-turner.

  3. Whisper in the Walls: A Deep Dive Investigation Ready for a deep dive? "Whisper in the Walls" is a solo game where you're the private eye on a mission. With 25 pages of detailed content, this game brings in a card deck to spice up your investigation. Safety tools and a killer playlist recommendation set the vibe as you explore locations, draw prompts, and spin a tale filled with suspense and supernatural twists. The conclusion? A final draw that's the cherry on top of your investigative journey.

  4. Badger and Coyote: Cozy Duet Shenanigans Closing the curtain is "Badger and Coyote," a duet game that's all about asymmetrical adventures. No Game Master needed – just you, a badger, and a coyote. What's unique? Communication isn't straightforward, adding a touch of challenge. With goals like raiding Miss Hollow's Garden, you and your partner craft a story using specialized mechanics. It's perfect for a laid-back evening with friends or family.

Bottom line? If solo or duet adventures with a hint of mystery and a dash of creativity are your jam, these journaling games from Pandion Games are a must. Check out Tabletop Bookshelf and grab the bundle to dive into a world of storytelling. Thanks for joining me on this adventure through the pages of TTRPG greatness – here's to legendary escapades!

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