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The Breach

Survive The Paradox

In 1943, the Ministry of Culture and Science of The Enlightened Confederacy initiated an experiment to test Möbius-Higgs' theory of Space-Time Flows. However, something went terribly wrong: an explosion occurred in one of the laboratory's particle accelerators, creating a portal between our world and countless other dimensions known as the Breach.

The Breach is an intense sci-fi and horror game, set in a dystopian retro-future, that unfolds at a relentless pace. Drawing inspiration from the iconic science fiction novels of the 1970s, this game will transport you through time and space, revealing a multitude of parallel worlds referred to as Paradoxes.

As a Watcher, your role is to gather data and information, delving into these infinite universes in search of hidden secrets, all while attempting to survive and make it back to the Bastion in one piece... if that's even possible.  

The Breach is a science fiction roleplaying game by Matteo Sciutteri, and runs on the Breathless system by Fari RPGs.

128 page, 6 x 8.5 inch, black & white, perfect-bound softcover book, vacuum-sealed