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What is Anamnesis?

Anamnesis is a 24-page solo journaling RPG about self-discovery, reflection, and identity.

You play as an individual who has woken up with memory loss. You do not remember who you are, where you are, or what you care about. As you draw tarot cards, you fill the blank spaces of your past and learn more about your present.

All that is needed to play is a deck of tarot cards and a way to record your thoughts.

Anamnesis: Designer's Commentary Version was nominated for a 2022 ENnie for Best Electronic Book!

Praise for Anamnesis

"Anamnesis sent me down an eye-opening rabbit hole as far as what a TTRPG could be. Tender, personal, thought-provoking, moving, terrifying, raw."

Shawn Drake, designer of HEDGE and Court of Blades

"As an author, I love the potential of Anamnesis to help me generate random fictional scenarios. As I played, it became obvious that the game could also be used for self-reflection. Samantha has created a unique, powerful experience - I absolutely recommend Anamnesis for everyone who loves stories."

- Tanya Schofield, author of the Melody's Song trilogy

"Anamnesis invites you to sway and stumble through a journey of Proustian discoveries. Dwelling in the quiet connections between loss, discovery, and renewal, the game guides you through the creation of a world that can bloom and welcome, overwhelm and frighten, asking with a quiet persistence: Who are you?"

- Sean Patrick Cain, designer of Long Haul 1983

24 page, 5.5 x 8.5, black & white, saddle-bound zine

Includes download links to digital pack with PDFs, designer's commentary, and audiobook