W. F. Smith

Barkeep on the Borderlands Bundle

What if carousing in fantasy taverns were its own adventure?

Barkeep on the Borderlands is a barhopping, fantasy adventure amidst Mardi Gras-like festivities, including 20 detailed pubs and dynamic drinking rules.

Barkeep on the Borderlands flips the script on the tired trope of starting in a tavern. In this adventure, players explore the many taverns  of  the Keep in search of a missing antidote, getting into shenanigans along the way. The pubcrawl is like a dungeoncrawl  but with bars and streets instead of rooms and corridors. 

Gold ENnie Award Winner 2023 for Best Supplement

The bundle includes

  • The full-color zine
  • A 11x15, double-sided poster with a map of the Keep on one side and expanded cover art on the other
  • A double-sided bookmark with 3 cocktail recipes and rules for a drinking game
  • Four double-sided, 3.5” vinyl coasters with logos for the following pubs: Our Lady of the Sacred Speakeasy, The Birdcage, The Original Tavern and Ship of Thesis

The zine includes

  • 20 detailed taverns, with unique premises like a speakeasy run by cultists, an undead dance club, a gambling den for kobold gangsters or a cozy bar in a witch’s cottage
  • 36 character backgrounds for potential pubcrawlers
  • 5 intertwined factions vying for control of the Keep, including a wizard academy, a cult of chaos and an NGO run by goblins
  • A timeline detailing a precarious political situation that the players can interact with and disrupt 
  • Over 100 full-color illustrations, with some on every page
  • 100 random tables with 745 total results to facilitate endless sessions of adventures in a fantasy city

60 page, 8.5 x 5.5 inch, full color, singer sewn binding softcover

Purchase includes digital package with singe page and spread hyper-linked PDFs and printable bookmark with drinking game instructions and drink recipes!

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