Evil Hat Productions

Death Match Island

Play to Win.

On a mysterious island of strange secrets, the game is just the beginning.

Deathmatch Island is a fast-paced roleplaying game about a deadly game show set on a chain of mysterious islands. Armed only with their hazy memories and matching uniforms, the players compete in challenges to satisfy the demands of Production.

If you're a fan of Squid Game, Survivor, Lost, Battle Royale, Control, The Hunger Games, corporate dystopia, or messed up Reality TV, you're going to enjoy Deathmatch Island.

Deathmatch Island promotes fast, flexible game play with a striking design by Tim Denee, based on the PARAGON system by Sean Nittner (AGON) and John Harper (AGON, Blades In The Dark, Lady Blackbird, Lasers & Feelings).

Character attributes are easy to digest, the conflict resolution mechanics let every player craft their own approach to tackling a contest, and the streamlined rules keep the action flowing. It's a low-prep, narrative-forward tabletop roleplaying game.

Each session is divided into two phases. In Phase One, competitors explore the island, moving from node to node on the map. Resolving the contest presented at each node can yield the winners a set of rewards, advantages and more. In Phase Two, the battle royale is joined. Everyone will compete, but only a fraction will survive. Remember: Winners Play To Win™.

The deliberately sterile corporate design of Deathmatch Island hints at something subversive lurking beneath the surface. Why do the competitors only have hazy flashes of their former lives? Did they volunteer or have they been forced to compete? Who or what entity is behind Production? Through play your group will explore these themes of paranoia and control.

Deathmatch Island offers the opportunity to risk it all and rebel against Production. Will your competitors Play To Win or will they Break The Game? It’s a choice each player must make. Alone.

216 page, 6 x 9 inch, full color, hardcover book. Vacuum-sealed.