Goosepoop Games

Good Soup

A Wholesome Story Game

Good Soup is a gm-less, rules-lite role playing story game where players are woodland creatures gathering ingredients to make soup to heal weary travelers. 

Adventure Awaits!

Explore the Lost Forest, a place where all creatures stop by now and again. Take a potion from a Wizard, get a haircut from an Android, or bask in the sun with a Summer Troll.

Food & Friends

Make memories with others while playing a wholesome game & eating good soup! Features a recipe to make and dice alternatives are included.

Light Rules, Big Fun

Great for newcomers to TTRPGs or those wanting a break from heavier games. Minimal rules and setup to allow you to create your own world!

Printed on premium textured paper and hand-assembled. Each copy is unique and cover will be a random color.

36 page, 4.25 x 5.5 inch, premium textured paper, black & white, saddle-bound zine