Officina Meningi

Last Sabbath - Witch Coven RPG

Last Sabbath is a masterless rule-light cooperative (or solo) tabletop journaling RPG that takes you and your Coven in a magical journey from the initiation to the confrontation with an awful threat, through the discovery and control of the consuming power of fears.

You will assume the roles of Witches, or warlocks, united in a coven and engaged in a journey divided into 7 Scenes. From Initiation all the way through Epilogue, you will be using Divination tools such as Tarot Cards, Mikado, Runes, or Tea Leaves to drive the narration forward.

To activate the Power, you can erase your memories, use up years of your life, or resort to the ultimate sacrifice. Fear not, Death is not the end. Your becoming a Talking Familiar or a Bloody Ghost will depend on how much of your human nature you were able to preserve.

Inspired by the wonderful witch tales of Jessica Cioffi, otherwise known as Loputyn, author of Cotton TalesFrancis and Aether. Featuring 48 exquisitely-illustrated pages, this zine is a memorable experience about sacrifice, redemption and the power of magic.

48 coated page, 8.25 x 12 inch, black white & red, saddle stitch bound softcover zine