Bannerless Games

Lighthouse at the End of the World

You play a lighthouse keeper at the furthest reaches of civilization. Your tormentors are numerous: the crushing solitude, the chaotic weather, the penal colony nearby, and a legion of unquiet dead conspire to erode your sanity until one of them claims you. 

Lighthouse at the End of the World is a solo journaling game. With a die, a tower, a deck of cards, a map and a handful of coins, you will reveal why you came to be here, document the uncanny perils and numbing drudgery of life in the lighthouse, and unravel the mystery of your ghostly companions. By game's end, you will not only have written your own story full of faint hope and grim perseverance, but also the stories of some of the other souls who perished here before you.

Key Features

  • A customized Wretched & Alone build that helps you construct your story, the stories of the ghosts who share  this place with you, and glimpses of the world you've fled. 
  • Four possible fates with dozens of variations, making each playthrough truly unique.
  • Beautiful original art by comic and TTRPG artist Sally Cantirino

Bannerless Games is Ken  Lowery, a writer based in Dallas, Texas. Lighthouse at the End of the World represents a host of his personal weirdnesses, compiled into one place. His aim is to make games that are approachable, strange, and memorable.

32-page, 6.5 x 10.25 inch, black & white, saddle-bound zine