Gemhammer and Sons

The Gemhammer Grimoire

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For the first time in the hands of the public, Gemhammer and Sons is proud to present the Gemhammer Grimoire—the spell book and personal journal of our beloved founder, the late, great Gurin Gemhammer. His notes and research on Mana, Spells, Magic Items, and more can now be yours. His sons and their editorial team have made sure to provide additional context and details to help even novice mages get the most out of this manual of magical wonders.

After all, magical education was one of Gurin’s many passions. As Gurin himself once said, “No you may not read from my Grimoire! Now get out of my office before I turn you into a platypus.” The Gemhammer Grimoire is a book all about magical mysteries. In its pages you’ll find New Spells, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Level Spells, Exotic Spellcasting Components, Magic Feats, New Subclasses for Spellcasters, Magic Ite

176 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, full color, hardcover