Table Cat Games

The Wicked Forever King Hungers

The Wicked Forever King Hungers is a rules light TTRPG for 2-5 players that has players taking on the roles of desperate Heretics racing against time to stop the Forever King from feeding. One player is the "Royal Judge" who guides these heretics through the dark fantasy,  nightmare fueled, and often funny, world of The Forever King.

Forever King's mechanics are based on the easy to learn and use  Lasers and Feelings rule set with an additional doom clock in the form of "The Rise of Orgoth." Once the pale moon of Orgoth has fully risen, the Forever King is at his greatest power and the game reaches a disastrous conclusion. 

What you get:

  • A thematic, creepy, and often hilarious narrative game based on Lasers and Feelings mechanics.
  • Mission generator that hits the highlights of what the King wants, who He wants it from, and what must be done to stop Him. Plus what horrible thing that will happen if He wins!
  • Lore and details on the world of the Forever King
  • Tables for locations, adversaries, and creatures
  • Character sheets (printable and interactive pdf versions)
  • A doom counter (printable and interactive pdf version)
  • Cover art from ENnie award winning artist HodagRPG

The Wicked Forever King Hungers was brought to life on Kickstarter. Funded in seconds and stretch goals met within hours! Table Cat Games is proud to unleash The Wicked Forever King Hungers onto the world. 

22 page, 8.5 x 5.5 inch, black white & red, saddle-bound zine

Free PDF download key provided by request with purchase