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Tabletop Bookshelf Plays: The Librarian's Apprentice

Last night I put together my first actual play of The Librarian's Apprentice, a solo journaling game in an Infinite Library.

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  • The game uses a deck of cards and dice to determine success or failure of actions.
  • Players draw two cards and roll a die, comparing the result to the cards to determine success (light, shadow, or darkness).
  • Light success means success with bonuses, shadow success means success with complications, and darkness means failure.
  • The game world is built through the cards drawn and the player's imagination.

Jasper's Journey:

  • Jasper starts with low rolls, finding a document in a room with chattering teeth that speak truths in imaginary languages.
  • He faces a complication in a futuristic room with paint machines, eventually escaping through a secret door.
  • He encounters a swarm of hungry books, narrowly escaping by finding another secret door.
  • In a final attempt to find a document, Jasper navigates a gift shop with difficult terrain in the form of sentient sculptures.
  • Unfortunately, he fails to overcome the sculptures and ends the day with only two documents.

Key Takeaways:

  • The game encourages creative storytelling and improvisation.
  • Players can choose how strictly they follow the rules, balancing mechanics with narrative.
  • The infinite library setting allows for endless possibilities and unique encounters.
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