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TTPRG Flip Through: Perils & Princesses

Today I got a chance to dig into Perils & Princesses.

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If you're searching for a fresh adventure beyond the usual dungeon dives and dragon slayings, let me tell you about Perils & Princesses. This review unpacks why this game might just be your next obsession.

Forget damsels in distress, these princesses are heroines with grit! Imagine Rapunzel rappelling down treacherous cliffs or Snow White facing down wicked witches with wits and nature magic. Perils & Princesses takes classic fairytale tropes and twists them into a thrilling blend of dark fantasy and empowering adventures.

Creating your fairytale heroine is a breeze. Choose your name, gift, virtues, equipment and a magical gift (think talking to animals or commanding the elements!). Each gift unlocks exciting possibilities and evolves as you level up. But beware, powerful magic comes with a twist: the unique "gift dice" system can unleash potent spells but also throw in some wild consequences, keeping you on your toes every roll.

Ditch the ballrooms and fancy tea parties, this game thrives in the dark underbelly of fairytales. Explore perilous landscapes, from shadowy forests to crumbling dungeons, with your trusty torch and sleeping roll as your companions. The simple D6 roll-under system makes it easy to jump in, but offers surprising tactical depth for seasoned players.

    • Empowering Princesses: Celebrate female agency and courage in a genre that often relies on stereotypes.
    • Simple yet Deep Mechanics: Learn the D6 system in minutes, but discover layers of tactical choices as you play.
    • Gritty & Pretty Aesthetic: Immerse yourself in a world that's both enchanting and dangerous, like a darker spin on your favorite childhood stories.
    • Creative Problem-solving: Use unique items and talents to overcome challenges in unexpected ways.
    • Perfect for One-Shots and Campaigns: Tailor your adventures to fit your playstyle, from quick quests to sprawling sagas.


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