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TTRPG Flip Through #5: Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying

Today I flipped though Mazes from 9th Level Games!

This is a great mix of old school roleplaying with new school mechanics and feel. I can't wait to run my players through some mazes!

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Calling all adventurers, both seasoned and fresh-faced! Are you tired of hours spent setting up, shopping, and navigating complex rules? Do you crave the raw thrill of facing danger and weaving epic stories in a world dripping with grit and magic? Then prepare to lose yourself in the labyrinthine world of Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying!

Mazes throws out the rulebook of traditional RPGs and embraces the innovative Polymorph system. Forget bulky character sheets and endless spells – here, your class is tied to a single die, reflecting your unique strengths and weaknesses. This streamlined approach catapults you straight into the action, eliminating tedious shopping sprees and ensuring hours of gameplay, not prep time.

But Mazes isn't just about quick starts – it's about plunging into a world broken, filled with thrilling challenges and interconnected stories represented by its namesake: mazes. The "Door to Adventure" concept throws you headfirst into exciting scenarios, ensuring every session is a pulse-pounding journey.

Step into the dice system, where each class boasts unique abilities linked to their specific polyhedral die. Every challenge throws dice, with success hinging on your class's strengths. Add a dash of narrative spice with advantages, disadvantages, keys, and crowns, making each roll a story-shaping event.

Forget rigid turn orders! Mazes lets you seize the moment with its unique initiative system. Players can act whenever they see an opportunity, adding a dynamic flow to combat and exploration. Unleash your magical prowess with Stars, a currency spent to influence the narrative and bend fate to your will. But beware the ever-looming Darkness mechanic, introducing risk and suspense to your actions. Rewind time with flashbacks fueled by Stars, reliving pivotal moments to rewrite your character's fate.

Leave behind the clutter of traditional loot systems! Mazes embraces an abstract approach to treasure, while character conditions are streamlined into four intuitive damage levels. Death holds weight in this world, but you can choose to knock on its door for a dramatic last stand, offering a chance for redemption or sacrifice.

Unleash your inner sorceress or conjure arcane energies as you delve into the elemental magic system of Sky, Sea, Forge, Earth, and Night. Each element unlocks distinct schools of magic, while example spells and lineage magic encourage limitless creativity.

Whether you're a seasoned Maze Controller (Game Master) seeking a fresh take on fantasy or a new player yearning for a simple yet immersive experience, Mazes stands ready to welcome you. This rules-light system emphasizes narrative freedom, quick engagement, and creative problem-solving – all packaged in a world begging to be explored and conquered. So grab your die, choose your destiny, and step into the thrilling labyrinth of Mazes!

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