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TTRPG Flip Through: Flabbergasted! A Comedic Roleplaying Game

I was delighted I had time this weekend to do another flip through, this time of Flabbergasted!, a lovely book that uses design, illustration, and genre to open up the TTRPG world to new audiences.

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Attention, tabletop enthusiasts! Craving an escape unlike any other? Buckle up, because "Flabbergasted!" – a brand new TTRPG by Wandering Tome – is ready to whisk you away to the roaring 20s for a side-splitting comedic adventure.

Think Jeeves and Wooster meet Fawlty Towers, all within the vibrant world of role-playing games. Flabbergasted! stands out as a breath of fresh air, embracing the often-underexplored genre of comedic storytelling in the TTRPG realm. Its creators, Wandering Tome, deserve a standing ovation for this well-designed, beautifully illustrated first effort.

But what makes Flabbergasted! so flabbergastingly good? First, it dives into the glamorous yet scandalous world of the 1920s. You can choose from four iconic archetypes: the refined Aristocrat, the ever-resourceful Staff, the adventurous Well-to-Do, or the bohemian Artist. Forget epic battles and dungeon crawls – this game focuses on witty banter, social climbing, and navigating the hilarious complications of high society.

The core mechanics are light and accessible, utilizing a simple D6 dice pool system. Forget heavy rulebooks; here, the emphasis is on role-playing and quick wit. Each character archetype has unique "scene cues" that allow you to shape the narrative, adding an extra layer of playful strategy.

From crafting your character's quirks and dilemmas to mastering the art of dropping 1920s slang like "the bee's knees," Flabbergasted! immerses you in the era. Bonus points for incorporating flapper dresses and dapper suits into your character portrayal, of course!

The game even goes beyond individual sessions, encouraging you to build interconnected "seasons" with your fellow players. Join a swanky social club, infiltrate a secret society, or explore the bustling city of "Picadillo" with its captivating districts and potential story hooks. The possibilities are endless!

Overall, Flabbergasted! is a delightful surprise. Its thoughtful design, engaging mechanics, and emphasis on comedic storytelling create a unique and captivating TTRPG experience. Whether you're a seasoned role-player or a curious newcomer, this game is guaranteed to leave you grinning and begging for more. So why wait? Grab your D6s, dust off your fedora, and get ready for a roaring good time with Flabbergasted!

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